RTB Parameter Explanation

Pair: RTB was backtested and developed on EURUSD. Meanwhile it works for any pairs, the default values are tailored for EURUSD.

Time Period: RTB was backtested with 5-minute period (M5).

EA_Magic: The identifier for orders. This number should be unique if you have more than one EA bot running. Do not need to change this number if RTB is the only EA bot running.

RiskPercentage: Risk percentage that is used to calculate the lot size. Note that the final risk value can have a small difference with the percentage (~0.1%), because the lot size is rounded. The default value is 2.

FixedLotSize: Fixed lot size of one position. Setting this value will use a fixed lot size for all positions, and ignore MaxPercetnageRisk setting. The default value is 0, which means it will not use a fixed size.

MinMagnitude: Minimum required magnitude of the trend. The range of the magnitude is from 0 to 1. The default value is 0.

MaxMagnitude: Maximum required magnitude of the trend. The range of the magnitude is from 0 to 1 The default value is 0.

NumOfBarToScan: Number of bars to scan for the recent trend. The default value is 300.

PendingOrderExpirationTime: Time to close order that has not been executed. The default value is 86400 seconds (24 hours).

RatioToCancelPendingOrder: Ratio to cancel an order that has not been executed if the market price is farther way by the ratio from the order price. The default value is 0.5%.

NumOfHoursToNotOpenOrderAfterClosed: Number of hours to not place a new order after a position is closed. The default value is 7.5 hours.

NumOfBarsToCloseAllPositions: Number of bars required before close all open positions regardless. The default value is 960 bars.

NumOfBarsToMoveSlToFirstTp: Number of bars required before moving the original stop loss to the first TP. The default value is 576 bars.

NumOfPositionsToMoveSlToFirstTp: Number of positions to move the stop loss to the first TP when NumOfBarsToMoveSlToFirstTp has reached.